Terry Maker: Art Professor turned Artist

Colorado artist Terry Maker works on a large sculpture.
Photo courtesy of Terry Maker.

Meet Terry Maker, retired art professor turned artist in Louisville.

“I am a retired adjunct art professor, so I am grateful that I now get the tremendous opportunity to work all day in my studio. However, I view the gift of art making as God-given, so my typical day starts with meditation and prayer time. It’s important that I start my day with open receptivity because the muse of creativity speaks most strongly when I quietly listen.”

How did you get into this profession?
“I grew up in Texas in a family of very hands-on inventors and entrepreneurs. Early on, I became enthralled with my parents’ workshop, which was filled with many curious and exciting tools. I remember watching my dad Red make tools that he needed when he couldn’t find what he was looking for. So, a spirit of creativity and a love of manual work were a part of my life from a very early age. It was natural that I pursue art as my major in college, ultimately receiving my Master of Fine Arts degree at CU Boulder.”

What is your advice for aspiring artists?
“Persistence! We are all artists of some kind or another. We are all given the chance to create, to make our mark during our short time here on the planet. When we think of ‘artist’ as an esteemed title, it can keep people away from the simple joy of just expressing themselves. Removing the prestige opens the way for all humans to see their own, very important creative opportunities to contribute to an artful way of living. So, the first thing is to undertake a heartfelt search for what one truly loves and to commit to that path. When people love what they do, they work hard at it. Although it’s not always easy, I believe the end result is a very satisfying life.”

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Watch out for Terry Maker’s solo show at the Museum of Art in Fort Collins in 2023 (and for those traveling to the East Coast next month, Maker’s color lithograph “Drawn from Dust” will be on display at the IFPDA Print Fair in NY).