Spice it Up

Go beyond butter and salt with these exotic flavorings.

Photo by Cassandra Stiltner

Sarah Chartier, co-owner of the Spice & Tea Exchange of Fort Collins, says corn can handle a wide range of seasonings beyond salt. “It can go sweet or it can go savory,” she says. “It has a nice palate on it that really works for everything.” below are five seasoning blends— all of them with salt—Chartier suggests trying over buttered corn.

1. Rocky Mountain Potlatch

A complex blend of 11 flavors, it’s also referred to at the Exchange as “Colorado Blackening,” Chartier says. More heat here to balance the Olathe sweet.

2. Vik’s Garlic Fix

Chartier recommends this simple mix of garlic, salt, pepper, shallots, and chives mixed with your butter for corn.

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3. Coastal Blend

A cooler complement to steaming corn, Coastal Blend contains garlic, chives, shallots, dill, and lemon flavors as well as salt and pepper. Chartier recommends it over a corn salad.

4. Cinnabar Smoke

A sweet-heat combination, with sweet onion sugar and cinnamon as well as some kick from chipotle pepper and hot paprika.

5. Black Truffle Garlic

This new offering gets its black truffle flavor from the sea salt for an intriguing companion to sweet corn. It also has cilantro, parsley, and a touch of cumin.

Spice & Tea Exchange of Fort Collins
Purveyor of spices and teas