Ready to Romp: A Love Letter To My One Ski Quiver

Take your snow days to new heights with Romp’s cutting-edge skis that can cruise through any terrain the mountain throws at you with style and substance.

I can’t seem to destroy these skis. And trust me, I’ve tried. Now, I’m not a double-black-diamond skier—but my friends are, and they love dragging me along for the ride. They like to lie to me with the promise of “just a black” before leading me down cliffs I never signed up for. 

But, thanks to my brand-new Romp Skis, the Zorro 100, this year I managed to keep up. These babies (I love them dearly, though I push them harder than I’ll ever push my future kids) seem indestructible. But it’s not just that they are durable through some of my clunkier maneuvers on the mountain. They are also dexterous, carrying me with confidence through chopped-up snow, powder, and ice that used to land me squarely in a yard sale (a skiing term for those spectacular spills where all your gear goes flying, leaving the slope looking like a yard sale for everything you treasure most). So, when I set out to gear test Romp Skis for the season, I decided to give it my all. My friend who designs gear for The North Face once told me the only way to really test gear is to ride as hard as possible—only then will you know if it holds up. And man, these skis don’t just do—they dominate. 

Sexy Skis
Photo courtesy of Romp Skis.

Sexy Skis

I’m not saying looks are everything … but they matter. At least to me. (And if you are brave enough to shed your mountain macho, you can probably admit it matters a bit to you, too.)

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And Romp’s Zorro 100s are downright debonair. With their striking deep red ombre mountains, complemented by detailed contour lines, and the distinctive “ROMP” label, they are an aesthetically driven skier’s dream. 

Having tried my fair share of popular brands—Völkl, Line, Atomic, Rossignol—in the past, I can confidently say that my Romps steal the spotlight. And rightfully so. Perilously navigating around tourists at Breckenridge over Christmas break, my Zorros caught the attention of a pack of locals. “We are from Gunni.” (That’s what the college kids call Gunnison, a town not far from Crested Butte where the skis are made.) “We have all been saving up for a pair of Romps!” They said on the chairlift. “How do you like them?” 

Inquiries about my skis have been a constant theme this season, one that I thoroughly enjoy. Last season, I traded my boyfriend’s childhood hand-me-downs for a sky-blue Halfdays suit and discovered that confidence on the mountain is half the battle. Fortunately, slipping into my Romps, I wasn’t just feeling myself—I was actually improving myself. The unique skis not only make a sartorial statement on the slopes but also come packed with technical prowess that enhanced my abilities. While the design initially stole the show for me, once I sank my sticks into the powder, their true beauty shined through with their exceptional performance. 

Sahale Greenwood with her Romp Skis
Photo courtesy of Sahale Greenwood.

Pretty Performance

Romp, a verb, means “to energetically play.” It’s popularly used to describe a dog’s boundless excitement as they leap through the snow with that distinctive infectious joy. Remarkably, Romp Skis replicate this joy for people in a way I never thought possible.  

Enter my Romp Zorro 100s, which, equipped with a sturdy core of a stout and playful poplar wood core that the Romp team creates in-house, defies the trend towards lighter skis with their substantial heft. Weighing in just under 4 pounds at 155 cm long with a thick top sheet, along with stiff tips and tail (and a short but pronounced tail rocker), these skis offer unparalleled stability. With a generous 100 mm underfoot, they effortlessly cut through crud while gliding over powder stashes with grace. The skis’ agility really shined in the trees and on the moguls where they are great at making quick, nimble turns, perfect for the slashy, playful style of skiing I prefer. 

Soon, I was outskiing friends with years of experience on me, fueled in equal parts by the capability of my skis and my confidence in them. Plus, the Romps can still get on their edges going down groomers, though they excel at more of a “medium” speed—a feature that might just keep you off ski patrols’ radar (a lesson I may or may not have learned the hard way, all in the name of journalism, of course). Getting up to say, 40 mph, though, is not a problem. With the Zorro design, Romp somehow did the impossible: craft the coveted one-ski quiver that not only performs flawlessly on any terrain but also enhances the stoke of every skiing adventure. 

Skier jumping over head with Romp Skis
Photo courtesy of Romp Skis.

Ride Along

The first powder day of the season, heading down Mary Jane Trail at Winter Park, aka the sole groomed highway through a landscape of thigh-burning mogul runs, and everyone’s way home at the end of the day, was cut to crud. An unfortunate combination of the snow cloud above us and the sun trying to make its way through it left us in a bit of a blinding haze. Low visibility meant that mini moguls came as a surprise attack, sometimes launching me into the air … only to land on top of the next. But have no fear, my Romps are here. Beneath my feet, they maintained stability and speed, liberating me from twig-watching duties and enabling me to deftly navigate the battlefield, picking my line with precision. Every time I did glance down, I thought the choppy snow I was trying to pass through would inevitably catch my edge and throw me off balance, but again and again, my Romps proved dependable. Landing my impromptu jumps was also a breeze with my ski’s wide shape and stiff material. 

So the skis hold up. But more than that, they are a hell of a lot of fun. Later in the season, skiing the trees in Steamboat Springs, an area that was normally rather tame and meadow-like in the Steamboat Springs trees had developed huge moguls. A group of fast, practiced skiers had spent the morning carving an almost slalom-like course that whipped through the aspens. Happy to capitalize on their hard work, I ran the course. And wow, was I having the time of my life. My somewhat short skis handled the quick turns with ease, my tails holding their edge until just the right moment when they would release and spring me into my next turn. Less of a bounce, and more of a blast, I was cooking. As the course flattened out, the powder deepened, and my skis’ rocker proved to be a godsend. I leaned back, and the jetpacks that had been strapped to my boots transformed into buoyant boats, as my tips peaked through the top of the snow, floating me through the fluff as I bounced and yipped my way into skiing bliss. 

Romp Skis in factory
Photo courtesy of Romp Skis.

About Romp Skis

When the best skiers are designing your skis, the rest is all downhill. Caleb and Morgan Weinberg, who actually do belong on double-black diamond runs, launched Romp Skis in 2010 in Crested Butte, specializing in custom-designed skis. With a personal touch, they collaborate closely with customers to tailor skis to their skiing style (and personal style too, as graphics can be customized as well). In 2019, they expanded their repertoire with the Romp Ready line, leveraging their years of custom-crafted expertise to bring custom-quality, meticulously designed products to the ready-made market. In February 2024, Chase Gardaphe, a former Crested Butte retail technician, bought the brand. He plans to open a retail store next to the company’s ski factory and keep on the core staff, including Morgan Weinberg. 

What’s more, the skis come with a warranty that shows The Romp team’s confidence in their quality. A company rep shared some of the particulars with me: 

“The two-year warranty includes all manufacturing defects. After a ski inspection, one of Romp’s ski builders will either rebuild the ski completely or offer a discount on another pair of skis. On the rare occasion that a customer is not satisfied with their skis, the Romp team will work to remedy that situation by either replacing the purchased ski with one that suits you better or altering the build and profile to create a new ski that better suits the customer’s skiing style. If your skis are damaged within a year of purchase, Romp Skis will either replace or repair the damage. Skis tend to get damaged throughout their life. Romp Skis not only prides itself on creating extremely durable skis that are also easily repairable. Any pair of Romp Skis that are damaged, no matter how old, are going to be repaired by the team at Romp HQ in Crested Butte, Colorado.”

And there you have it, folks—my little love letter to my Romp Zorro 100. These babies have been my trusty companions through thick (feet of fresh powder in Steamboat Springs) and thin (I’m looking at you, Eldora). Whether I’m carving turns, slashing through pow, or tackling moguls, I’m always ready to romp.