PXG’s Stylish Golfing Apparel

Teeing up for success on the golf course starts in the closet with PXG’s Spring/Summer collection.

Models wearing PXG
Photo courtesy of PXG.

When it comes to golf, style is no longer just an accessory but a powerful tool that drives confidence and performance on the course. Just turning on the Masters this year would be suitable confirmation. Tommy Fleetwood’s lavender polo and matching cardigan show respect for the sport while adding a pop of personality. His third-place victory in one of the most elite golf competitions proves his style is paying off. Sergio Garcia’s bright yellow pants and neon green polo, on the other hand—well, we’ll just let his score speak for itself.

As golfers embrace style on the fairway, the sport is moving away from traditional “old man clothes,” and towards elegant athleisure options. More often, players are wearing joggers rather than trousers, golf shirts without collars, and chic windbreaker hoodies. PXG, a golf equipment and apparel company with a store in Centennial, releases a Spring/Summer collection that embodies this fusion of fashion and functionality that significantly improves performance. (PXG’s Centennial location also offers club fittings by appointment only in its state-of-the-art fitting bays and putting studio.)

Couple wearing PXG
Photo courtesy of PXG.

At the heart of PXG’s design philosophy is a commitment to using innovative materials that enhance performance while keeping golfers looking effortlessly chic. “Perforated fabrics are used throughout the collection chosen for breathability and ease of movement, which are ideal qualities for golfing, especially in warm weather,” shares Brooke Burgfechtel, PXG Denver store manager. “These fabrics create a lightweight feel, ensuring comfort and flexibility on the golf course. The use of perforated fabrics enhances ventilation, keeping golfers cool and dry even during the most intense rounds.”

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One of the defining trends captured in PXG’s latest line is the infusion of Americana vintage-inspired sportswear with a contemporary twist, seamlessly blending timeless elegance with modern sensibilities. Take, for example, the women’s sleeveless romper that updates the classic golf dress with retro style and the ability to customize your look with layering. The line centers on earth tones and resonates with today’s fashion-forward golfers. Burgfechtel says, “When golfers feel both stylish and comfortable it positively influences their mindset, ultimately contributing to better gameplay.”