Pet Nutrition Roundup

If we clothe our pets in designer coats and take them to luxurious spas, we should also make room for their holistic physical and internal health. From supper to supplements, here’s our favorite Colorado-made pet nutrition products.

Happy Hour

Who says your dog can’t sip a Chardonnay? Founder Brandon Zavala of the first pet winery, Apollo Peak, asked the same question—then he created a thriving dog and cat wine business that appeared on Shark Tank. Want something different? Try the Zinfantail or Malbark dog wines or Pinot Meow and Catbernet.

Main Course

Based in Boulder, I and Love and You is devoted to positive pet digestion and crafting “the healthiest pet food possible with the most positive impact on our environment.” After nine years in Whole Foods and King Scoopers, the love keeps spreading. Try out the Puppy Food Starter Kit for a holistic introduction to the wheat and gluten-free food line.

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Snack Time

In 2018, Louisville-based couple Ashlin Cook and Dean Frankel started a dog-centric food truck as a way to treat local pups. Now, they have expanded their business by offering Winnie Lou’s signature treats in various pet stores and Whole Foods locations across Colorado. Your dog is sure to love the Bison Heart Bites or Berry Boost Bones.


After a hot day in the Denver sunshine, your pup could use a cool treat just as much as you. Luckily, The Bear & The Rat is here to save the day with frozen yogurt for dogs. With flavors ranging from Bacon & Peanut Butter to Pumpkin & Cinnamon, these cups of frozen delight will keep both your chihuahua and German shepherd satisfied.

Bonus: Fur-Baby Supplements

In addition to an entire line for humans, C60 PURPLE POWER is a Boulder-based antioxidant line for your furry friends. C60, a natural molecule dubbed “the most powerful antioxidant known” can help aging pets or pets struggling with inflammation or joint pain with mobility, energy, and immunity. Shop products for dogs, cats, horses, and even rabbits at