On the Job With a Tennis Professional

Whether your preference is singles or doubles, Theo Teryazos can help improve your game.

Tennis Professional Theo Teryazos plays tennis.
Photo by Jake Holschuh.

Tennis anyone? This Summer there’s every reason under the sun to get out and serve it, smash it, win it and love it. Home to seven indoor clay courts and five outdoor hard courts, Club Greenwood is the place to play tennis in Greenwood Village and the Denver Tech Center. From private lessons to social and competitive programs for kids and adults alike—there’s no lack of ways to enhance your racquet skills all year long. So, to kick off the Summer in style, we caught up with Level One Certified USPTA Tennis Professional Theo Teryazos—who’s got hustle and heart— on and off the court.

What exactly does a Tennis Pro do?
“Well, a Tennis Pro does a lot of things. On the surface, you are there to help people improve their tennis game and achieve their goals but I have found that it goes far beyond that. Some days I’m a coach. Some days I’m a therapist and some days I’m simply a friend to talk things through with.”

Where are you from?
“I was actually born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. Canada is where I learned to play my two favorite sports—tennis and hockey. I’ve also lived in the south of France and in New York City before moving to Colorado.”

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How did you end up at Club Greenwood?
“I grew up playing on clay courts and had some of my best success on the clay as a junior. When I moved to Colorado, I knew that Club Greenwood was one of the very few places in the state that had indoor clay. So, I reached out to the Director of Tennis and was lucky enough to get hired. I’ve been here ever since.”

What does a typical day look like for you?
“A typical day for me usually entails about six to eight hours on the court—mostly doing one-on-one sessions with my clients as well as some drill groups with juniors. I tend to coach higher level adult players but also enjoy working with juniors.”

What is something important to note about your job?
“I think the most important thing to understand about being at Tennis Pro is that you have to coach people within the context of who they are as a player and as a person. While one approach might work well with one player, it might be a disaster for another. I think it is important to listen and try to figure out exactly what that particular individual needs in order to achieve their specific goals.”

Any advice for aspiring pros?
“The advice I would give to someone starting out as a Tennis Pro is that it is not about you and how you played the game. Rather, it is about how you can enhance and aid in your player’s performance. How you can supplement what they bring to the table with information specific to their needs. Most importantly, being a good coach is understanding that the timing of when to help can be just as important as the content itself.”