Michelle Wilhite’s New Exotic Spring Purse Collection

Local designer Michelle Wilhite’s python, lizard and eel purses will carry you from morning to midnight.

Michelle Wilhite Handbags | Fashion | May 2022 | Denver Life Magazine
Photo by Jennifer Olson.

Michelle Wilhite started her career in fashion during the “it” bag craze. Combining her love of fashion with her passion and expertise in jewelry making, Wilhite launched her first top-of-the-line purse collection in Denver in 2021. This Spring, she releases her new line.

What’s in for Spring

This Spring look forward to Wilhite’s new collection featuring more exotic materials. “People are really loving lizard. It feels so luxurious,” she says. “The Spring line has three colors and next Fall will have ten.” Colors are another important aspect of the line. “We all need a bit of happiness in our life. A fun, happy handbag color can brighten up your day and outfit.”

Lavender is the line’s signature shade, the lining of all the bags and Wilhite’s favorite color. Every bag is adorned with a unique jewelry piece. Wilhite takes her line to the next level by hand making each of these pieces. “I really love our textured knot and ribbon full of Swarovski crystals. The new line has some fun pieces like a turtle, pineapple and butterfly.”

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Lost and Then Found

Wilhite describes her personal style as nostalgic and longing for the “lost era.” This comes across in her purses’ elegant, antique look with fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. The purses are meant to be carried and styled morning to night with everything from jeans and sneakers to cocktail dresses and heels.

Michelle Wilhite | Fashion | May 2022 | Denver Life Magazine
Michelle Wilhite. Photo by Jennifer Olson.