Happy Hour: Urban Farmer

Head to Urban Farmer for one of the city's best happy hours.

Authored by Susan Fornoff

Courtesy Urban Farmer


3-6 p.m. Mon. through Fri.

The Scene

Happy hour at Urban Farmer brings out a nice mix of locals finishing their workdays and visitors who find themselves drawn in by this airy, organic corner of the Oxford Hotel. There’s an industrial look to the rollout windows and high ceilings, yes, but the accents are all about wood and nature. We chilled at a high communal table with a winding rock path built into the center and enjoyed watching a summer storm come and go.

What to drink

The drink list is short but long on quality. The crisp $6 Chardonnay was a French Bordeaux, and the delicious $6 daiquiri was made with Cruzan rum. The winner, however was the Urban Family Collaboration ($6), made with Jones Family vodka, blueberry hibiscus sake, lime, cranberry, and a splash of ginger beer.

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What to eat

A hefty portion of bar nuts ($6) would easily supplement a party of four’s drinks. The bacon-maple deviled eggs, $9 on the regular menu, are $4 here. And there’s the $5 Urban Farmer Beef Slider, a mini-version of the restaurant’s $17 burger. For vegetables, you just have to try the seasonal flatbread ($9).

Urban Farmer
1659 Wazee St.