Garia Luxury Golf Carts

Danish design makes the Garia Via golf car, an imported and infinitely customizable vehicle, perfect for the back nine and short, stylish excursions in town—with seat belts and headlights adding to its legal off-course versatility.

Garia golf cart
Photo courtesy of Garia.

If you’re of the Caddyshack generation, you might think of golf carts as generic and utilitarian transportation, with about as much sex appeal as a pitching wedge. But as more and more communities allow golf carts for legal street use off of the links, a new wave of upscale “golf cars” has appeared—many reaching the price of a traditional motorized vehicle.

At the top of the food chain is Denmark’s Garia brand, which offers a fully customized range of high-end cars with leather seating and truly automotive-styled features. Garia, founded in 2005, focuses on luxury-minded, 25-mph-capable golf cars powered by long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. The cars mix stylish design with options including refrigerated coolers, champagne buckets, and Bluetooth stereo systems. And they’ll feel right at home in any local golf-focused community. Add a license plate and they’re legal on any street in Colorado with a 25 mph or lower speed limit.

Getting one is easier now, as Garia was purchased by long-standing American golf cart builder Club Car in 2022. The brand’s local dealer, Littleton’s Colorado Golf & Turf, can help customers order a standard two-seater, street-legal Via model for about $23,000 with a full aluminum roll-bar-styled roof, headlights, and seat belts adding to its legality. Another build reveals a $47,000 lifted Off-X model with an air-scoop sunroof, windshield wipers, side mirrors, custom wheels, a matte paint job, sport seats, and a backup camera. For the ultimate statement, Garia can outfit your ride with ultra-high-end carbon fiber parts from Mansory, a German modification company that typically outfits Bentleys and Bugatti.

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