Find Rare Home Furnishings at Homebody Denver

Find rare home furnishings at Homebody Denver and refresh your living space with hand-made items from around the world.

Dory Pratt | Homebody Denver | Home | May 2022 | Denver Life Magazine
Photo courtesy of Homebody Denver.

Dory Pratt, Founder of Homebody Denver, curates home furnishings and adornments from all over the world. A world traveler herself, Pratt has spent extensive time in South America where her passion for beautiful hand-dyed and hand-woven textiles began in Bolivia. “I have always been willing to pay more for a piece that is finer quality. I would rather have fewer well-made, unique and gorgeous things than an abundance of mass-produced items,” says Pratt.

“We subscribe to the philosophy of Georgia O’Keeffe, who, in rebelling against the mass output of the Industrial Revolution, promoted the idea that everything a person chooses to live with—art, clothing, home décor— should reflect a visually pleasing aesthetic, and should be done beautifully.” Since the store’s 2017 opening, Pratt’s goal is to gather uncommon items and provide clients the with the opportunity to individualize their spaces.

Homebody Denver | Home | May 2022 | Denver Life Magazine
Photo courtesy of Homebody Denver.

Collectors’ Items

Homebody carries a constantly evolving selection of fresh inventory for both you and your home that includes pillows, rugs, lighting, furniture, glassware, candles, coffee table books, bath and body products, fine jewelry, unique bags, gifts and much, much more. They carry an exclusive ceramics line from Paris called Astier De Villatte, often considered collector’s items. They are also well known for their Cone Candles from Denmark and an amazing selection of French linens.

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Few and Far Between

When it comes to buying for Homebody, Pratt trusts her natural instincts and uses her creativity and confidence in what she selects to inspire her clients. “I do the buying and I try to select things that are well-made, authentic, natural, handcrafted, artisanal and harder to find so you don’t see them everywhere.”