Ducati: Feel the Rush

The Ducati motorcycle lifestyle is the perfect fit for the great Colorado outdoors.

On The Move: The Ducati Multistrada V4 is the perfect companion for Colorado’s wild terrain. It’s the first four-cylinder Multistrada to come from Ducati, offering versatile comfort and capability that excels on winding roads in the backcountry. Photo courtesy of Ducati.

Ducati North America has expanded its presence in Colorado by opening dealerships in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs—and motorcycle enthusiasts couldn’t be happier. “Colorado has long been known as the market leader of the outdoor lifestyle and we have seen an increased appetite to spend time outdoors along with travel and adventure,” says Ducati North America CEO Jason Chinnock. “And for many, that freedom occurs on the seat of a Ducati, either tackling their favorite canyon roads, riding around the city, or exploring lesser-traveled backcountry routes.”

Colorado Connection

Chinnock actually has a personal connection to Colorado as a CSU graduate. Famously, he also followed his passion for motorcycles from the parts counter at a local Colorado Ducati dealership all the way to the top as CEO. “I just want to drive a Ducati everywhere that I go in our beautiful state,” he gushes. “One minute you’re touring the twisted canyons, and the next you’re going down some road to a little mining town that you’ve only seen in the movies.” Interestingly, before starting his industrious career in the industry, Chinnock was pursuing a music career but then realized that he could make a living by incorporating two things he is extremely passionate about, which are motorcycles and music. So, after spending a few years at Lamborghini, he decided to come back. “Colorado is going to be a very important lifestyle aspect for Ducati moving forward. It’s nice to connect again with customers from twenty years ago and get a sense of how Colorado is today.”

High-end Design

Ducati has been producing sport-inspired motorcycles characterized by high-performance Desmodromic engines since its inception. However, the newest model to come out is making even more heads turn. The Multistrada V4 is a cross-over with dual-sport technology for on and off-road travel; plus, it has heated grips and seats, which is ideal for the Colorado lifestyle. This technology enables adaptive cruise-control and blind spot detection to instill rider confidence—making it the first motorcycle in the world to use such innovative technology. And, you can do all of this with a push of a button on the handlebars.

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It’s not surprising that Ducati continues to push the envelope with its new technologies for safety and performance, but along with the high-tech innovation comes the fact that Ducati is multi-generational. “My dad just started riding five years ago in Colorado Springs. He rides everywhere now. The amazing part is that his motorcycle experience started at the age 66, which goes to show you’re never too old to learn how to ride.”