Beauty: Best Feet Forward

How to host a pedicure party, with advice from Ella Bliss Beauty Bar and five products that just might make the day.

Authored by Susan Fornoff


A spa pedicure can feel like the ultimate indulgence, until the neighbor in the next massage chair puts her teenage daughter on speakerphone. Suddenly, you’re inspired to host an at-home pedi party—one that may or may not include guests.

“We should all be able to perform self-care and have it feel like a luxury,” says Elia Morgan, party planner for Ella Bliss Beauty Bar in Greenwood Village. “We get in the shower and wash down to our kneecaps. But it really is important to take care of your feet, and be grateful for them, because they take you everywhere.”

If you’re doing TLC with a friend, Morgan says, find a spot on the patio or in the backyard, since there will be pedi water splashing all over. Assemble files, clippers, cuticle pushers, basins, pumice stones, scrubs, and lotions, and have at it.

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Five products that might just make the day

CND Spa Cucumber Heel Therapy ($44 for a 15-oz. jar)

This professional product is a mix between a lotion and a balm. “Take a dime-size amount and use it for the massage portion, really focusing on the heel,” Morgan says.

The Original Baby Foot Peel ($25 for one treatment)

You put on the booties for an hour, wash them off, and then watch the dead skin start to peel off—for, like, a week. “This is not something you want to do when you’re leaving for a vacation the next day,” Morgan says. “It’s amazing, but it’s a little weird waking up with dead skin all over your sheets. So always wear socks if you use that.”

Be Well, Dexter CBD Relief Cream ($50 for 4 oz., 500 mg. of CBD)

“We spend a lot of time on our feet and walking, so we hold more tension in our feet and our calves,” says Morgan. “This cream is really good for massaging. It’s an all-natural brand with an avocado oil base—and it’s a local brand as well.”

Rinse Bath & Body CO.’s Pedi-To-Go Set ($26 for travel-size Peppofoot stick, spray, and polish)

Morgan particularly likes the Peppofoot Stick. “It’s kind of like Chapstick for your feet. You put it on your heels, the bottom of your feet, the bottom of your toes, and you get a nice tingling sensation. Use it at night, seal it with Vaseline or lotion, and wear socks.”

CND Vinylux Polish ($7–$10 in beauty stores and online)

The final touch does not have to take half an hour to dry. “This one dries in about 10 minutes,” Morgan says. Seasonal colors are Married to the Mauve and Poetry.

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