Made in Colorado: Autumn Teneyl’s Chic, Sustainable Clothing

Comfortable, chic, and eco-conscious—Autumn Teneyl's Colorado-made clothing hits the trifecta.

Pagosa Springs is known for its healing waters and being a vacation destination. But, it’s also home to a chic, sustainably made clothing line. From breathable, sun-protectant mesh wear tank tops to flexible full-length jumpers and dresses, Autumn Teneyl has women’s fashion down to a science. The Colorado-grown business has been dedicated to sustainability, sourcing locally, and crafting a high-end product that all women can depend on since its launch.

Autumn Teneyl clothing made in Colorado

What is now an entire clothing line began as a hobby for owner and designer Autumn Teneyl Warner, a self-taught seamstress who’d been living the “ski-bum life” (as Studio Manager Callie Beck puts it) before settling in Pagosa Springs. Relocating prompted Warner to pursue a career that utilized her sewing skills, beginning with a small storefront in the popular resort town. But it was the excitement of music festival life that really helped her brand flourish, so Warner’s mission became influencing how festival crowds dressed. After designing and sewing everything herself, Warner eventually hired a professional seamstress and begin an entirely Colorado-based operation.

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Beck says the brand’s mission is “to help women feel comfortable and beautiful.” Plus, the demographic is pretty interesting. “Yes, it’s upscale, but the clothes last. Women
in their 20s and 30s love it just as much as women in their 80s.” Beck attributes the overall customer satisfaction to Warner’s natural ability for design. “Whether you’re small, curvy—she can find what fits you.”

Autumn Teneyl clothing made in Colorado

And why the hard focus on sustainability? Beck says Warner “really cares about the planet … we all enjoy the outdoors and want to do our part to keep it beautiful.” Beck reiterates that all the clothing is either organic or upcycled, with fabric sourced directly from a designer in Los Angeles.

Aside from her many roles, Beck says touring and seeing the magic in action is the most fun. “Women will come in and say ‘I could never wear that’ … then try it on, look in the mirror, and you can see this confidence they didn’t walk in with.”

Autumn Teneyl can be found exclusively online or at upcoming music festivals, but the team has solid plans for the future. “[The] next five years’ plan is to build a brick and mortar—probably in Denver.”

Photos provided by Autumn Teneyl