Antara Organics’ Range of CBD Skincare Products

The Antara Organics CBD face and body collection is mindfully made in Colorado to restore your equilibrium.

Antara Organics products
Photo courtesy of Zents.

When it comes to skin care, we admit a certain pickiness. Amid the medley of products crowding our shelves, there’s one that consistently wins our hard-earned dollars. That’s no small feat, considering the mountains of cosmetic loot we accumulate. The object of our devotion? Antara Organics, a Colorado-based standout that’s more than just a pretty bottle on our vanity.

Antara Organics’s all-natural product line features CBD beauty oil, body balms, tinctures, and more. The CBD Relief Balm in particular showcases the magic a well-crafted formula can create. With 800 mg of cannabidiol, it’s enhanced with moisturizing coconut oil, candelilla wax—an eco-friendly beeswax alternative— and invigorating essential oils.

Clean, Green, and Sustainably Sourced

Where does this rising-star brand sit in the luxury beauty cosmos? Neiman Marcus retails it, while The Peninsula Spa in Chicago integrates it into treatments. Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown recently lauded Antara’s “purity, potency, and transparency” as they welcomed the brand into their spa. These seals of approval from such industry giants are not to be taken lightly.

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Antara brings clarity to the complex world of CBD. This non-intoxicating compound catapulted into ANTARA ORGANICS 888.463.4236 @antaraorganics public consciousness about five years ago following the 2018 Farm Bill. Antara’s Colorado roots offer it an edge in this crowded market. By partnering with a local organic farm in Boulder Valley and a distiller using a CO2- and chemical-free patented extraction process, Antara crafts full-spectrum CBD oil that captures all the benefits of the Cannabis sativa plant.

Antara fosters transparency in an often murky industry. Each product features a QR code leading to third-party testing data, offering assurance in an industry where testing is not mandatory—but is incredibly important. As a phytoremediator, hemp removes toxins from the soil as it grows, which is great for the earth, but not for your skin care.

Founded by Cord Coen, Antara Organics balances potency and purity in its CBD skin care line. Inspired by a life-changing accident, Coen embarked on a healing journey that eventually led him to establish Antara—a testament to the transformative power of organic wellness solutions.