Adventum Colorado: Apparel that Celebrates Colorado Hiking

New Colorado apparel company encourages everyone to get outdoors and explore more.

Woman wearing Adventum trucker hat
Photo courtesy of Adventum Colorado.

What began in 1998 as a week-long observance of Great Outdoors Week, has evolved into a month-long celebration of the outdoors. In 2019, the month of June was officially declared by the U.S. Senate as National Great Outdoors Month. Here in Colorado, we couldn’t be any happier about this celebration that promotes a lifestyle of health and wellness by getting outdoors and exploring! While there are several ways to participate—hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing and boating at national parks, state parks, public lands and throughout neighborhood trails—the foundation of Great Outdoors Month is all about connection with nature and with others.

Perhaps the most pervasive outdoor activity of a Colorado summer is hiking. And let’s face it, the trails in Colorado are pretty epic. From easy trails that meander through lush meadows and valleys to moderate higher elevation hikes to the most challenging Fourteeners, folks of all ages and fitness levels have plentiful opportunities to enjoy the fresh mountain air. This premise is at the heart of a new Colorado-based apparel company. Adventum Colorado (Adventum is Latin for Adventure) encourages hiking enthusiasts to celebrate their love of outdoor adventure with apparel designed to celebrate hiking, exploring and even summiting the highest mountains of Colorado.

The locally owned business evolved from the ideas and conversations among four friends who discovered a mutual passion for hiking the extraordinary mountain trails of the Colorado Rockies. After numerous hikes around the state as well as summiting several of Colorado’s esteemed Fourteeners (14ers) together, the group decided to launch a clothing company that celebrates the adventurous spirit of outdoor fanatics who enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when making it to the top of a challenging mountain summit, exploring new trails and being immersed in the great outdoors.

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Adventum Explore More trucker hat

Adventum Colorado has launched its initial line of stylish trucker hats representing various Fourteener summits throughout the state, so hikers can wear their successful summits with pride. These hats are part of the company’s Summa (Summit) Collection. “Anyone who has made it to the summit of one of Colorado’s impressive 14,000-foot mountains, knows the feeling of exhilaration from such an achievement,” explains Co-owner, Stephanie Coe. “We feel that this is something to be celebrated…whether you are a newcomer to the Fourteener community or a seasoned mountain climber.”

Realizing however, that hiking to the top of a 14,000-foot mountain is an endeavor that not everyone has an interest in, the company also designed its “Colorado Collection” with designs such as Hike Colorado and Explore More, appealing to hikers who enjoy exploring the state’s scenic trails with a little less elevation. “Although climbing Fourteeners is a goal for some, we recognize that it’s not for everyone, so we created our ‘Colorado Collection’ which celebrates hiking all trails throughout this beautiful state,” explains Coe. “Colorado is full of outdoor adventurers and explorers—for many of us, it’s why we live here or visit Colorado. Anyone can grab a t-shirt, hoodie, hat or other souvenir that represents their fondness for Colorado, but we wanted to create something special and unique for those who genuinely love exploring in the mountains and forests along the endless number of trails throughout this incredible state.”

You can check out the company’s full product offering at