3 Places to Savor Local Produce

Invigorate your taste buds in these farm towns with the freshest Colorado has to offer, from succulent melons to piquant peppers.


Olathe corn
Photo courtesy of DeVries Produce.

Venture out west to indulge in Olathe sweet corn straight from the source. Shop for bushels of cobs, crates of peaches, and jars of honey at DeVries Produce, or visit a local farm for a picking/tasting experience. Mountain View Winery o!ers complimentary tasting of the vineyard’s vintages, or you can pick the peaches, pears, cherries, and the orchards’ other bounties straight from the trees or vines for a fresh taste of the farming life.

2Rocky Ford

Rocky Ford melons
Photo courtesy of Knapp’s Farm Market.

Summer isn’t complete without a dripping slice of watermelon in hand. Head to Colorado’s “sweet melon capital” to stock up at one of the stands along Highway 50 or Knapp’s Farm Market, and visit the Rocky Ford Museum to immerse yourself in the town’s history of agriculture. For a taste closer to home, look for the Rocky Ford Growers Association sticker on fruit in your local produce section or try the Rocky Ford melon starter at Fruition.


Pueblo Chilis
Photo courtesy of Milberger Farms.

Head south and satiate your spice cravings. For a dose of homegrown heat, visit Milberger Farms to shop chile peppers picked straight o! the bush, as well as homemade seasonings, sausages, and tamales. Amongst the bevy of restaurants in town serving pepper-forward dishes, Twenty One Steak is our top pick. Indulge in blistered shishito peppers, hand-cut filet topped with a Pueblo green chile coulis, and other zesty creations.