12 Best Songs About Colorado

These Colorado-inspired songs are a great start to your next playlist.

Colorado’s beauty is inspiring. That’s why so many songwriters and musicians have written about it over the years. Not just any old songs either, but chart-topping hits. Of course, “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver is the ultimate Colorado classic song, but we found some others that you’ll probably find familiar. Here are our picks for some of the best songs about Colorado.

1“A Mile High in Denver” – Jimmy Buffett

Although he is best known for his music depicting a beach-bum lifestyle, this song breaks his usual tune. And you just can’t get more Colorado than singing about how the rock meets the timberline a mile high in Denver. 

2“Colorado Girl” – Townes van Zandt

Before there was “California Girl” by Katy Perry, Townes van Zandt had his sights set on a cutie from Colorado. With Zandt melodically singing about this girl bringing the sun to shine, who wouldn’t want to be a “Colorado Girl?”

3“I-70 Westbound” – The Railbenders

“There’s a road I know that will take you up to heaven,” sings Jim Dalton and we know exactly which road he is talking about. For many of us Front Range folks, heading west on I-70 means growing excitement as you near your epic mountain adventures and peaceful retreats. 

4“Driving Back to Denver” – The Railbenders

On the drive home, be sure to listen to “Driving Back to Denver” to get you in the mood to go home. We all know the cherished moment when you finally see the city lights appear out of the mountain’s twist and you know you are almost home: “I can’t wait to see those Mile High city lights shine for me.”

5“Goodbye in Telluride” – Dierks Bentley

No heartbroken goodbyes in the beautiful Victorian town of Telluride. Bentley sings “don’t take me this low when we’re up this high,” only good memories and views and we couldn’t agree more. 

6“Denver” – Willie Nelson

It may be short, but it’s also pretty sweet. Nelson sings of “the bright lights of Denver shining like ten thousand jewels in the sky.” After listening to that, you can’t help but fall in love with the Mile High City all over again. 

7“Colorado” – Florida Georgia Line

Even though this song is newer doesn’t mean it can’t be a Colorado classic. This is an upbeat party song with a fun shout-out to the classic “Rocky Mountain High.” 

8“Altitude Adjustment” – Midland

“I need an attitude adjustment and I wanna feel just like John Denver,” sing Mark Wystrach. From finding a dreamboat in Steamboat and doing his thing in Durango to barely functioning in Grand Junction and not busting in Boulder, Wystrach is getting the most out of Colorado’s mountain air. 

9“Colorado” – Alex Guthrie

Even though he’s from Atlanta, Guthrie knows that home is out west in Colorado. This song calls to those who left somewhere behind to build a new home in here.

10“Closer” – Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

Everyone has heard the iconic reference to the Boulder mattress. Even though the artists are not from Colorado, the Boulder vibes are boundless. 

11“Colorado Bluebird Sky” – The String Cheese Incident

Waking up to mountains, waterfalls, canyon walls and famed bluebird skies sounds pretty great, especially to the upbeat guitar picking of this song. 

12“Intentions” – Justin Bieber

Now this one is a little bit of a mystery. Bieber sings, “you are my rock, my Colorado” in a song about his wife. We aren’t sure if this is a nod to the Rocky Mountains, the town of Boulder, or that Bieber considers Colorado his home away from home.