The Ramble Hotel

If you’re looking for a place to stay in the heart of RiNo, the Ramble Hotel offers a historically clad, modern atmosphere.

Photo by Ryan Dravitz.

The wonderful thing about travel writing is that you get to experience the intricacies of hotels that play an otherwise unknown yet integral role in our culturally diverse city. With an overnight stay at The Ramble Hotel in the books, it’s no wonder this landmark has quickly become one of my favorite spots.

The property holds a great reverence for the magic and escapism that Denver can provide, which lends to the notion that it’s a great place to take a break from the daily grind. The allure of the property becomes instantly seductive as soon as you walk through the door—especially when you realize how much history is within its walls. And, in light of its many modern touches, this historic hotel makes the experience even more intriguing.

“We sought to create a timeless hotel that caters to both revelry and respite,” reveals Ryan Diggins, The Ramble Hotel’s founder. “Our hotel provides an interplay between those two experiences—a lively social experience for our guests who seek it out, but also one that allows for quieter moments and disconnection, should that be desired.”

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Photo by Elliott Clark.

Hotel Hub

The Ramble Hotel took inspiration from Madame Rambouillet’s French Salons of the 17th century, and the Salon’s utility in society, as not only a platform for the exchange of ideas, but as a catalyst to creating community. Each space has been designed with the intent to foster meaningful conversation, engagement, and interaction among guests.

For visitors new to this part of town and locals looking for a unique night out, the hotel brings an authentic introduction to the River North Art District (RiNo). This former cow town is now known as a hub of creativity, cuisine, music, and art.

Photo by Elliott Clark.

Where to Eat

The Ramble Hotel features Death & Co, the first location outside of its New York institution, an intimate theater and event bar, and a new restaurant from Denver’s acclaimed Work & Class. Death & Co joined The Ramble to open its second outpost and owns and operates a variety of dining and drinking experiences throughout the hotel.

The restaurant is a must-try for any hotel visitor or passerby. “The approach to the food and beverage programs has always been our teams working within our respective crafts to create something that inspires us to share with others,” adds Jon Feuersanger, General Manager of Death & Co Denver. “Our menus, which change seasonally, reflect not only the team that creates them but those in our community and guests that visit us at the hotel.” Known for its cocktails and bar ambiance, the winter menu includes expertly crafted low-ABV options, such as Longboat Party, Kurosawa, Time & Place, and Return Trip; and no-ABV options include Audrey’s Davenport, Lava Katana, Fresh Cut, Whiskey River, and Nightwalker.

Death & Co’s Matcha Latte and Avocado Toast. Photo courtesy of the The Ramble Hotel.

Fancy Feast

An interesting tidbit is that the artistic menus are designed and illustrated by husband- and-wife team Tim and Kate Tomkinson. As a collaborative effort of Death & Co’s renowned bar team, the cocktail menu changes roughly every two times a year. Throughout the years, Death & Co’s staff has carefully created hundreds of cocktails that helped establish some of the world’s most exciting drink trends. Tip: They’re all very good, so you’ll just have to try them for yourself.

There’s also Super Mega Bien, a lively restaurant serving Pan-Latin cuisine, much of which is served dim-sum style is helmed by Dana Rodriguez, a James Beard nominated chef. Super Mega Bien opened summer 2018 and is located on 25th Street, and is accessed through its own entrance.

*Guests of the hotel receive priority reservations at all of these establishments throughout the property.

The Ramble Hotel’s Roof Top Garden. Photo courtesy of the The Ramble Hotel.

Décor and More

While most hotels in the city have undergone revamps to suit the modern guest, The Ramble Hotel boasts all-new touches but preserves the quaintness of wide-plank hickory flooring and antique Persian rugs throughout—ultimately setting the stage for mystical traces of the details you won’t see. To accommodate peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the bars and restaurants outside, the 50 guest rooms feature double-wide walls and high-performance windows to minimize noise. Everything in the hotel is top-notch. In fact, as soon as I retreated to my room after dinner, I felt like I was in my very own pied-à-terre. If you’d like to get away and immerse yourself in a hub of creativity, cuisine, music, and art; there’s no better place to roam.