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Michelle Courier

Meet Westward Gallery’s Owner and Curator Michelle Courier

Michelle Courier captures the spirit of nature and the vibrancy of a rave in her stunning artwork.
Sammy Seung-Min Lee

Meet Artist Sammy Seung-Min Lee

Sammy Lee uses Korean table setting traditions as a vehicle to form connections between people and transcend their differences.
Jared Hankins

Denver Artist Jared Hankins’ Solo Exhibit at Space Gallery

From watercolor and ink to vintage oil paintings inspired by the American West, self-taught Denver artist Jared Hankins has painted a little bit of everything.
Emily Dwan sitting in her studio

Meet Denver Painter Emily Dwan

Artist Emily Dwan got a call from the mountains to come saturate Colorado with color.

Meet Eriko Tsogo Meow Wolf’s “Mongovoo Temple” Creator

Mongolian American artist Eriko Tsogo uses art for empowerment, blurring the lines between alter-ego and self.
Denver muralist Austin Zucchini-Fowler.

A Spotlight on Muralist Austin Zucchini-Fowler

Austin Zucchini-Fowler sprays paint and spreads gratitude for frontline workers with his colorful murals around Denver.
Colorado artist Terry Maker works on a large sculpture.

Terry Maker: Art Professor turned Artist

Meet Terry Maker, retired art professor turned artist in Louisville. "I am a retired adjunct art professor, so I am grateful that I now get...
Denver artist Shaylen Amanda Broughton with her series of pour paintings.

A Spotlight on Artist Shaylen Amanda Broughton

Shaylen Amanda Broughton uses nature as her inspiration for her flow series of pour paintings.
Denver street artist Alexandrea Pangburn in front of one of her murals.

Breckenridge Distillery Whiskey Bottle Features Local Artist

Local Denver street artist and muralist Alexandrea Pangburn collaborates with world-famous Breckenridge Distillery to create custom whiskey bottle.
Artist Monica Curiel in front of one of her paintings.

A Spotlight on Artist Monica Curiel

Inspired by the possibility of blurring the lines between painting and sculpture, Monica Curiel explores materiality and movement through her work.
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