Staff Picks: Our Favorite Tastes of Colorado

Lots of local products pass through our office. Here’s the best of what we’ve tasted lately.

505 Southwestern Green Chile Salsa

OK, so everything about 505 except its Denver address says “New Mexico.” We’ll be good neighbors and take any and all of their Hatch Valley green chile products. This one’s great with chips.

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Dinoci’s Mint Ganache

We were wowed by this non-dairy frozen dessert, but the staff had trouble agreeing on a favorite flavor. One likes Lemon, one Chocolate, one Salty Caramel. Summer’s coming, try the Mint Ganache.

Teakoe’s Fizzy Black Tea

Teakoe sent four flavors, all brewed with filtered carbonated Rocky Mountain water. This one, flavored with honey and lemon, was the yummiest and weighed in at just 30 calories per 12-ounce can.

Elevation Ketchup’s Vindaloo

The Denver maker of organic ketchups has five flavors, all made of natural ingredients. One staffer keeps stealing the deliciously spicy Vindaloo to take home.

Merfs Electric Lime Hot Sauce

Our favorite local condiment maker rates its sauces by heat level. Electric Lime, hot as it sounds, is just a 6 on the 10-point scale. Full of jalapeno and hatch chile flavors, it’s especially awesome on eggs.

Resolution Ale

Breckenridge Brewery makes plenty of beer, but this seasonal standout (here this month and then back again in January) has only 98 calories and over-the-top blueberry acai flavor. Cheers to that!

Wander + Ivy’s Red Blend

The Denver company is taking single-serving wines upscale, presenting them in beautiful 6.3-ounce glass bottles. There are six varietals, including Cab and Chardonnay, but this was our winner.