Portable Kitchen Creation from Tailgate N Go

Tailgate N Go makes cooking outdoors easy with its portable kitchen and dry box.

Tailgate N Go | Made in Colorado | Denver Life Magazine
Photo courtesy of Tailgate N Go.

Tailgate N Go is a Colorado-owned, operated and patented company making extensive outdoor kitchen setups, perfect for a Bronco’s tailgate or your next camping trip. Part-owner Taylor Johnson came up with the idea for the portable kitchen and dry box after a camping trip with her brother and dad that had far too many grocery bags and not enough necessities. She began working with a local metal fabrication company, and nine prototypes later, the portable kitchen and dry box was ready for the spotlight. It made its public debut on Shark Tank season 11, episode 5, and today the company is selling 500 to 1,000 units a year.

The portable kitchen and dry box features compartments for food, dry storage, and spices, two cutting boards, a paper towel holder, a bottle opener, a knife magnet as well as optional attachments that include a griddle, a grill, a single-burner stove, additional cutting boards and RV or truck hitches.

An orange Tailgate N Go portable kitchen unit.
Photo courtesy of Tailgate N Go.

“The box has a patented modular notch system that makes it easy to attach cutting boards, grills, sinks, griddles and stoves for start-to-finish cooking,” says Johnson. “Our best-selling attachments are the sink attachment for a perfect wash station at your campsite and the Blackstone Griddle. It is a scrape-and-clean, perfect for cooking eggs, burgers, pancakes and stir-fries. Since you can set it up in 12 seconds, it makes it easy to cook anywhere.”

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The portable kitchen is most popular in campgrounds and at football games, but its versatility makes the possibilities endless. You can customize the box’s colors and decals to match your vehicle or your aura, and because it’s an official NFL product, you can even get one decked out with your team’s logos and colors. To which we say, go Broncos!