Fashion: Meraki Moon

Meraki Moon's bohemian fashion strikes a chord in Denver.

Photo courtesy of Meraki Moon.

Sophia Joseph says that when she came up with the idea for Meraki Moon, she wanted to put all of her love into her work. Joseph achieved this with her boho boutique in RiNo.

What inspired you to open your own boutique?
“It was always a childhood dream of mine. My mom was in fashion, so I’ve always been surrounded by clothing. I’ve always loved it. I wanted to stay in Denver, but the fashion scene here wasn’t the biggest to have a longterm career, unless you’re in retail. I started really small at first, and then it slowly grew into what it is today.”

How did you come up with “Meraki Moon”?
“Meraki is Greek for the love that you put into your work. I actually just stumbled upon the word by chance. I thought it was a cute word and it really represented where I wanted to start my business.”

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Denver’s fashion scene
“I like Denver’s fashion scene because we aren’t always on the trendy side where you can only wear an item for one season. I think we have a good balance of being casual and then picking up on the trends that aren’t going to go out of style.”

What are three absolute must-haves when it comes to planning the perfect outfit?
“My favorite, perfect outfit that I feel never goes out of style is a classic pair of jeans, a basic tee or a graphic tee, and a leather jacket or denim jacket.”

Spring trends
“I love a good silk midi-skirt with a graphic tee. I think that can be a year-round outfit, but definitely more for spring.”

What’s your favorite item you are currently selling?
“That’s tough. I love all the graphic tees that we have right now. They’re all pretty classic with a vintage and worn feel, and they don’t have cheesy sayings on them. It’s something that you can keep forever. Hip bands and beer tees, those are probably my favorite.”

What items do people keep coming back in for?
“We cannot keep the graphic tees in stock. The balance of an item being high quality and affordable is important, so we have a lot of brands that we tend to always go back to, especially our basic sweaters and our jean line. Jeans are usually priced right at $100, but the quality is great.”