Beauty: Men’s Cuts for All Heads

No matter your head shape, there's a perfect cut for you. Round? Triangle? Square? Diamond? Long? Hair guru Johnny Pham of Spruce Barbershop breaks it down.


Illustration by Ingo Fast

“Here, the comb-over looks really good. If you have a rounder face and your hairline is receding, you want to wear a style that pushes the hair forward. The Caesar look is perfect for that, and it’s really in right now. For this, take the sides short, texture the top so it’s slightly messy, and let it lay down slightly over your forehead.”


Illustration by Ingo Fast

“The ‘gentleman’ haircut looks good for this shape, slicked back and pushed to the side. Taper the sides and the back so they’re very neat—not necessarily to skin, but still short.”


Illustration by Ingo Fast

“If you have a square face, typically your jawline is stronger, and you want to bring that out. A high and tight style with a textured top works really well. With a square face, if you do a rounder haircut like a slick comb-over, the contrast between round and square can make your head look too big.”

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Illustration by Ingo Fast

“If you have this face shape and strong hairline, shorter is better. Leave a little hair on top, enough to grab, but barely. This really brings out the cheekbones, which are the strongest feature on this face shape.”


Illustration by Ingo Fast

“Go for a low fade or a taper on the sides, as it makes the face appear shorter and more balanced. If you go high and tight with this face shape, it exaggerates the appearance of length, so stay away from that style. A simple textured look on top always works.”

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