Luxury Men’s Clothier INHERENT Starts a Movement

Men’s clothier INHERENT is making an imprint on people’s lives in more ways than one.

When a men’s clothing line has a mission to exist for all men, shake the stigma of men’s mental wellness and help men rise above the stereotypes and expectations placed on them by society—you know they mean business. Touted as a luxury men’s clothier and mental health awareness company in Colorado Springs, INHERENT has quickly garnered attention from the fashion elite having recently participated in New York Fashion Week as well as Denver Fashion Week. Consequently, this soon-to-be iconic brand was born out of a passion and a need.

Taylor Draper, Founder & CEO of INHERENT, says his venture spawned out of his own journey—one that others can relate to. “I realized my passion for menswear, oddly, during one of the darkest times in my life. My wife and I were struggling, going to therapy weekly (sometimes more), and trying to pull ourselves out of a mess. I was not doing well mentally, but as time went on, I started to realize that getting dressed for each workday in an outfit or suit that I felt good in helped my headspace,” he says. “I leaned into that and started studying more about menswear and its rich history, all the while growing myself as a person and improving my mental health through therapy and support from other men.”

Ultimately, Draper’s personal struggles led him to establish a world-leading men’s clothing brand in a very short timeframe that is not only dressing men from head to toe, but spearheading a mental health movement.

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More Than Clothes

The sentiment is that a professionally tailored bespoke suit will give you confidence in any setting. So, when 2020 hit and the world stopped, Draper decided to create something really special that could potentially help a lot of men going through similar situations. “The goal is bold confidence. James Bond is always confident, even under intense pressure. His secret? Fabulous clothes and impressive gear.”

Apart from being a couturier, INHERENT is also a movement. The company is comprised of dapper gents supporting men’s mental well-being in Colorado by addressing men’s mental wellness issues such as anxiety, depression and self-doubt. Ultimately, Draper believes that dressing well is directly connected to mental wellness—and his goal is to shine a light on that connection through his broader effort, Foundation by INHERENT.

The Foundation hosts events and provides resources to support men through their journey to mental wellness. Plus, a percentage of every single sale, whether it’s online or in-store, goes directly to the Foundation. “This is truly a passion project of mine and I am so happy to see the world embrace it,” adds Draper. “I hope you will follow along with us as we work on advancing men’s mental wellness through distinct lifestyle products.”