Beauty: Moisturizers Made in Colorado

Who better to quench our parched winter skin than Colorado’s own skin-care companies? Here are solutions from six of them.

Authored by Susan Fornoff

Wildbloom Pure Skincare (Fort Collins)

Aesthetician Heather Anderson founded Wildbloom with an emphasis on wellness and natural ingredients. Just a drop or two of her Essential Glow Face Oil ($48) finishes your skin care routine with a light, fast-absorbing, and anti-aging formulation of wild neroli, pomegranate seed oil, and marula oil.

Spinster Sisters (Golden)

Kelly Perkins launched Spinsters Sisters in 2011 with an emphasis on safe, natural ingredients. She started with soap and grew fast from there, opening a retail store last year on Golden’s historic Washington Street. The Body Butter in Lemongrass Sage ($28) is a winner for both men and women. Made of water, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and a long list of ingredients that do not include phthalate or paraben, its vitamins A and E are perfect post-shower foils for dry skin anywhere— especially feet!

BEE-OCH Organic & Boutique (Fort Lupton)

Brooke Sarmiento diverted her medical career 10 years ago to focus on making healthier skin care products, and in 2015 she founded BEE-OCH (BEE for beeswax, O for Original, C for Change, H for Heard) and received USDA Organic certification. Her Skin Whip 5-in-1 ($19) multitasks like no other skin-care product, as makeup remover, shaving lotion, in-shower moisturizer, hair mask, and split-end fixer. In lavender, it smells good too.

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Lily Farm Fresh (Keenesburg)

Lily Morgan, a seventh-generation American grower, has a USDA certified organic farm and FDA regulation lab the public may tour on her 80-acre property in Keenesberg. Her Colorado High Altitude Extreme Cream ($25) represents the cream of the crop for winter skin care: A little of this thick mix of almond oil, shea butter, comfrey, and marshmallow goes a long way toward moisture, even for your cracked cuticles and that dry patch under your nose.

Formulary 55 (Pueblo)

Cordelia Smith launched Formulary 55 in Seattle in 2012 to create luxurious modern botanicals for bath and body that are artfully packaged. Now based in Pueblo, Formulary 55 has placed product in more than 800 retail stores and 17 countries. Its vegan and cruelty-free Modern Men’s Care Beard Oil ($32) has argan, jojoba, grapeseed, and almond oils to moisturize and condition both beard and skin underneath it. Women might like it on their cuticles.

H2a Botanicals (Fort Collins)

Founded in 2018 by 22-year-old Sierra Goldstein, H2a Botanicals summons her expertise in infusions, aromatics, herbalism, botanicals, and crystals for its distinctive product line. The Lavender 35 & Calendula Hydration Stick ($22) looks like deodorant, but it’s formulated with local beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, and six other oils, and infused with calendula. Apply it to the back of the hands and the décolletage for non-messy, beautifully scented moisture anytime.