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Two tabletops —one traditional, one less so— from Lulu's Furniture and Decor that will fill your guests with cheer.

Photos by Rebecca Grant

When it comes to holiday dinners, we’re more Bob Cratchit than Ebenezer Scrooge. And even though it’s often just family members gathered around the turkey, we like to set an impressive table—one that will wow the crowd. So we asked mother-daughter team Christy Brant and Caitlin Marsh at Lulu’s Furniture and Décor in the Highlands (soon to move to the Wellshire neighborhood) to show us how to create two distinctly different holiday tables that will have everyone saying, like Tiny Tim: “God bless us, everyone!”

TRADITIONAL TABLETOP: Costa Nova white dinner plates and Accent Décor Eric & Eloisa dessert plates on Hester & Cook placemats with Saro napkins; Accent Décor napkin rings, green trees, glass trees, Santa figurines, red Christmas lights and cement houses, all available at Lulu’s Furniture and Décor.

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BOHEMIAN TABLETOP: Costa Nova mint plates, white plates, mint bowls and gray napkins; TAG holiday plates, Saro napkin rings, Floor 9 ornament; Accent Décor glittery trees and LED lights; Design Accents cutout penguins; Hester & Cook name place cards, all available at Lulu’s Furniture and Décor.

Choosing a Floral Centerpiece

To make these tabletops really pop, the team at Lulu’s turned to Birdsall & Co., the Garden Boutique, to create striking floral centerpieces.

For the traditional tabletop, Birdsall designed a trio of urns with a textured, organic look. “By keeping the greens dark, the dark red and pale pink roses created spots of color without competing with the table,” says Birdsall’s Morgan Huston. “The structure creates a bridge of lush greens along the center of the table—like an elevated table runner.”

For the more bohemian tabletop, Birdsall created a long, rectangular centerpiece that doesn’t scream holidays—just hints at it, with its magnolia leaves and glittery ribbon. “Dark green and blush pinks are unexpected, modern and fresh,” Huston says. “Blush roses and carnations add some texture and a pop of color against the rich colors of the magnolia leaves.”


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