Get to know Ballerina Jocelyn Green of Wonderbound

Jocelyn Green
Photo by Amanda Tipton.

Ballerinas, with their faultless footwork and hawk-eye precision, are the unofficial connoisseurs of well, everything. Think of them as the sommeliers of style, both on stage and off. Spotting a flawed pirouette? Child’s play. Deciphering Denver’s finest haunts? Enter Jocelyn Green of Wonderbound. Because if anyone knows where to tie up those pointe shoes and let loose, it’s someone whose day job involves leaping to ethereal heights. Now, before you envision the ballerina recommending a silent meditation retreat, think again. Where’s the top spot to find her and her crew? Throwing shapes at Wonderbound’s new permanent home in Park Hill, where the dance troupe is gearing up to leap into their 2023–24 season on Oct. 19 with Wicked Bayou, a supernatural zombie ballet set to the live music of zombie-death-polka band The Widow’s Bane.

The Basics

Your Name: Jocelyn (Josie) Green
Your Occupation: Dancer with Wonderbound
Your Neighborhood: Indian Creek
Lived in Denver Since: 2019

Dining + Drinks

Favorite coffee shop: The Kochi Cafe
Great happy hour: Vesper Lounge
Love this wine bar: Sienna Wine Bar & Small Plates
Great spot to catch a game: FlyteCo Tower
Ideal place for a second date: Mercury Cafe’s Poetry Slam
Quick lunch: Tocabe: An American Indian Eatery
Favorite pizza joint: Esters Pub
Favorite deli: East Side Kosher Deli
Favorite desserts: Mr Bakery in Aurora
Favorite cocktail lounge: Hudson Hill
Favorite margarita place: Palenque Cocina Y Agaveria
Best place you’ve been for dinner in the last year: Sunday Supper at Somebody People
Favorite brewery: Copper Kettle Brewing Company
Favorite Vegetarian Restaurant: Watercourse Foods
Favorite Breakfast Burrito: Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant

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Around Town

Favorite hike: Lake Haiyaha in Rocky Mountain National Park
Favorite in-city escape: Cherry Creek Reservoir or Rocky Mountain Arsenal
Favorite place to go for inspiration: Cranmer Park
Favorite concert venue: Bluebird Theater
Favorite annual festival: Vail Dance Festival
Favorite local band: Gasoline Lollipops
Favorite place to clear your head: A long bike ride on the Cherry Creek Trail
Favorite boutique: Antiques Etc.
Favorite yoga studio: Black Swan Yoga
Favorite fitness studio: Zone Athletics Clubs Cherry Creek
Upcoming Denver shows you are most excited about: Wonderbound’s Wicked Bayou
Favorite local podcast: City Cast Denver
What is your mantra: “Nothing to prove, everything to share.”