Elements of Style

We went shopping at Jones + Co., a Boulder shop as creative as it is eclectic.

Elements of style
Photo by Kira Abelardo

Elizabeth Jones is a woman on a mission: “to find beautiful and unique things.” The longtime producer of commercial photo shoots, who opened

her own store in Boulder last fall, says she “loves to stumble across someone’s work on Instagram, in a magazine article, or through my global contacts.” The result is a shop filled with modern, handcrafted items “that have the feel and warmth of heritage and craft processes but also embody clean lines and elegance.” Take a look.

Cactus vase, comes in sizes S: $25; M: $45; L: $75; XL: $220
Moroccan cactus silk pillow, 20” x 20”, $85.
Circle and Line Design bronze wall hanging No. 4, $150
Walnut and maple taper candle holders, $14–$48
Crane Cookware casserole, $230 (30 percent off all Crane cookware products)
African Warming Basket, $45
Natural woven grass floor basket, Size S: $58; M: $100; L: $150
Moroccan pouf, $125
Vintage Moroccan Beni Ourain-style rug, $275

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Jones + Co. Modern Mercantile
A Boulder-based home decor boutique