Books for Your Outdoor Adventure Reading List

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Outdoor adventure books
Photo by Tom Visocchi.

1Wildsam Field Guides Denver

by Taylor Bruce

Wildsam specializes in city guidebooks with local appeal. The American travel brand is built upon telling true stories of place. It goes beyond the basics to reveal what’s real and what’s rooted—and what’s not to miss when it’s time to caffeinate, hydrate, satiate, and shop. Through curated lists, personal essays, short interviews with notable locals, and sketches that paint a city beyond the brochure, it reveals the authentic Denver through personal stories, travel intel, and modern lore.

2The Dirty Gourmet: Food For Your Outdoor Adventures

by Aimee Trudeau, Emily Nielson, and Mai-Yan Kwan

Just because you’re in the wild doesn’t mean your meals should be anything less than wildly delicious—not to mention fun and easy to plan and prep. With more than 120 recipes for everything from gourmet grab-and-go snacks to three-course car camping feasts, all made with fresh ingredients and efficient techniques and organized by activity, this book proves that good food is an essential part of any adventure.

3Campfire Stories Volume II: Tales from America’s National Parks and Trails

by Dave Kyu and Ilyssa Kyu

Inspired by America’s beloved national parks, this is the second volume in a collection of modern prose, poetry, folklore, and more. Featuring commissioned, new, and existing works from a diverse group of writers who share a deep appreciation of our national parks and trails, these new campfire stories revel in each park’s distinct landscape and imaginatively transport the reader to the warm edge of a campfire ring and trails.

4Colorado’s Fourteeners: From Hikes to Climbs

by Gerry Roach

Written by the Boulder- based world-class mountaineer who’s climbed 1,200 named peaks in Colorado, this guidebook is the most trusted in its class. Updated for its 30th anniversary and covering 250 trails on Colorado’s 56 fourteeners, it offers what so many other guidebooks struggle to: accuracy and consistency in a comprehensive, user-friendly package. Roach’s touch of dry humor makes it an entertaining read as much as it is an essential guide.

5A Life on the Edge: Memoirs of Everest and Beyond

by Jim Whittaker

A bold autobiography of the first American to summit Mount Everest, featuring a new foreword by Ed Viesturs and a chapter on recent events, this full-color 50th anniversary edition captures the spirit of a mountaineering icon credited with shaping the outdoor industry. Unfolding at a Krakauer-esque pace, the no-punches-pulled autobiography celebrates the story of Whittaker’s life, steeped in risk and triumph on his journeys to make history.