Artist Spotlight: Singer and Songwriter Kayla Marque

The local music scene is something to be celebrated—especially with talented artists like Kalya Marque, who performs at all the hot spots.

Photo by Bridget Burnett

Even though Kayla Marque has been making her own music for the past 12 years, her music roots go way back. With other musicians in the family, it makes sense this Denver native developed her own unique sound. Marque didn’t need a degree in music or songwriting to put her thoughts and feelings on paper. Dramatic and soulful, she has a love for her craft that makes listening to her music easy, even if the lyrics speak of pain or heartbreak.

DLM: What inspired you to make music?
“I started making music officially when I was 18. I was actually going to school at CSU Fort Collins studying psychology, and I was miserable there until I ended up dropping out and started writing songs. I think it’s just something that’s always been a part of me because I grew up around music—some of my family members are musicians. For me, I have a pretty difficult time expressing myself verbally, so I started writing poetry and that transformed into song writing, but that was my outlet to get things out. Music just became my saving grace.”

Photo by Braden Kram

What’s your creative process like?
“It depends. I’ve learned over the past 12 years that it changes and it has definitely evolved as I’ve changed my lifestyle. After some hard times in my life, I’m finally on a journey of self-healing and overall wellness—so that has definitely affected my creative writing process. It’s very therapeutic, but now it’s more of a daily thing and less of a when-inspiration-strikes thing.

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What drives your art?
“Pain, beauty. I’m also very much inspired by nature. For me, [my art] is a necessity. I need it every day the way I need food and water. I don’t think too much about where it comes from, it’s just something that I have to do to stay sane.”

What’s your favorite song to perform?
“I have one song in particular that I love to preform from my first album; it’s called ‘Body Talks Electric’ and it’s just a jam. It’s super soulful and my band loves it, too. But, I also love ‘God Blame the Devil’ which is on my new album.”

Photo by Braden Kram

What’s next for you?
“My new dual album entitled Brain Chemistry is being released soon. I’m going to be releasing it as two EP’s under one album, so it will be split between Right Brain and Left Brain. I will be releasing Right Brain in July.”