Art Master: Christopher La Fleur

Christopher La Fleur creates SourCute artwork as a megaphone to advocate for causes he is passionate about.

CLEVER CREATIVE: Artist Christopher La Fleur stands infront of some of his recent works. Left: “Did U Go 2 Clown Skull?” (2021, 48” x 48”); right: “P O R K C H O P (Animal Farm)” (2021, 46” x 46”). Photo courtesy of Christopher La Fleur

Christopher La Fleur is much more than a jack of one trade. He’s a contemporary fine artist, event planner, author, and philanthropist— and his work is influenced by nature, science, and the human experience (where no two pieces are ever the same). “Each piece is crafted of the highest quality materials with respect to its intended context,” he says.

Right now he’s inspired by candy wrappers, movie posters, cartoons, and 1970s action figures—and is planning an entire show around the SourCute universe this summer. “The SourCute Invasion! is my new visual style and I use it to talk about big issues; such as mental health, animal rights, individuality and hate. I use bright colors and deranged characters to bring people into my universe.” The works are irreverent, brightly colored explosions of characters and objects. “These pieces are critiques on our culture.”

La Fleur is a proud member of the Denver queer community. He started Aurora Pride in 2017 and has been advocating for the community ever since, now using his art as his megaphone. “Making art is my passion, but I also use it as a vehicle to raise money and awareness for causes that I am passionate about, including LGBTQ health initiatives and minority access to education.” As an artist, he says he’s only in competition with himself. “I always push my projects to the next level.”

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