America’s Steepest Ski Run

Do you have the guts for Crested Butte’s "Rambo," the steepest ski run in North America?

Rambo ski run.

The challenge

Crested Butte’s “Rambo,” the steepest manmade ski run in North America.

Chance you’ll survive

Anywhere from 99 percent, if you’re an expert skier, to somewhere around 50 percent, if you decide to huck Rambo right after your first lesson on the bunny hill.

How to do it

Rambo is only about 300 yards long, but it plummets almost 400 vertical feet in that distance, confronting adrenaline junkies with an insane 55-degree, tree-studded pitch. The beginning—dropping in from an elevated lip—is the scariest part. With every jump turn, you’re going to fall a few feet vertically through the air, so remember to tackle this double black diamond with freshly sharpened edges that can catch the snow. Other tips: Wear a helmet. Pray.

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