A Garage Makeover for Electric Vehicles

Denverite and Bolt EV owner Pamela Talley gets a garage makeover complete with all the guilty pleasure snacks of a gas station.

Before and after the EV garage remodel.
Photo courtesy of Chevrolet.

Pamela Talley loved her electric car but missed all the guilty pleasure snacks she used to get at the gas station. With the help of Chevrolet and celebrity designer Wendell Holland, her garage where she charges her car is now fully stocked with everything from candy for commuting to all your road trip necessities. And we mean all the necessities—even the slushy machine.

With EV cars on the rise, you may be facing a similar situation someday: is a road trip still a road trip without that questionable taquito to snack on or that pop tart flavor that reminds you of your childhood? By transforming your home garage into the Bolt Mart for that quick-stop shopping you love to indulge in mid-trip, you skip the delay and still get all the snacks.

States are quickly beginning to implement greenhouse gas-fighting legislation to combat the negative effects of climate change. California went so far as to say that it would ban the sale all of gas-powered vehicles by 2035 with the only exception being plug-in hybrid cars. Colorado, on the other hand, is not going to that extreme, but Gov. Jared Polis’ administration is proposing a modified version of the plan where manufacturers are limited to selling only 20% gas cars and 80% electric vehicles by 2032. Additionally, brands like Audi are taking extra steps toward clean energy, promising to only produce electric cars by 2026. And Bentley is saying bye-bye to all tailpipes by 2030. Currently, the Colorado Electric Office estimates that there are about 68,652 EVs on the road in Colorado and 1,5000 public Level 2 and DC Fast Charging Stations across the state with over 3,300 charging ports, and more being added every day.

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Even though it’s clear that EV cars are the future, it can still be hard to embrace: What if I can’t make it to the charging station? What happens if my battery dies? What happens if I am in the mountains when it does? What happens if I am stuck without my favorite snacks? We caught up with Talley to ask her how she’s been liking her Bolt EV and garage makeover.

After the EV garage remodel.
Photo courtesy of Chevrolet.

What inspired this makeover?
I’ve been a fan of Chevy for many years since purchasing my Bolt EV, and I’m a huge supporter of raising awareness for EVs in my community and elsewhere, so I was excited to work with Chevy on this transformation as it’s perfect for my lifestyle. 

How has your garage transformation improved your everyday life?
My Bolt EV allows me to live my very active lifestyle in Denver, and being able to charge my vehicle right at home simplifies my busy days. While I love all of the adventures in my Bolt EV, I do miss the yummy snacks I used to grab while visiting the pump. When Chevy offered this renovation, I jumped at the opportunity and was completely surprised with how they were able to transform my space into this an at-home convenience store oasis.

What is your favorite part of the makeover?
Chevrolet and HGTV designer Wendell Holland completely transformed my garage, inspired by classic and nostalgic gas station snacks that I miss most now that I charge at home. They transformed my everyday garage into an at-home convenience store to bring my gas station favorites right to me—including a slushie machine, hot-dog warmer, beef jerky buffet, chips, candy, a drink fridge and more. I hope this fun makeover inspires other EV owners to reimagine their own home garages and how they can totally transform the space.