5 Tips on Creating a Lavish Living Space

If you’re looking to bring your home back to life with a fresh, high-end look, Jim Ward, Vice President of Operations at LIME Painting has some ideal tips to optimize your space and paint your home.

1. Select a Simple Color Scheme

When it comes to choosing an ideal color palette, LIME suggests sticking to light colors which will open up the room and create a more spacious feel. White color palettes add a brighter, modern touch to any room, and bring a luxurious mood. Pair your new, lighter walls with light colored furniture to tie the whole space together.

2. Incorporate Texture

Matte, glossy, and/or metallic finishes can add drama to any room, and make it pop from the rest of your home. Mix- ing various textures add a splash of drama and flare to your space, immediately captivating the attention of anyone who stops by.

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3. Add Color to the Bedroom Door

Painting the door, whether it’s a touch up or a pop of new color, will instantly draw anyone into the room. LIME says if you are uncertain about committing to painting the whole room, this is a perfect compromise and a great first step in your home renovations.

4. Paint the Trim

When it comes to putting the finishing touches on your masterpiece, painting the trim can give you even more creative freedom. LIME advises creating a bold outline, paint the trim a different color than the wall. For a polished look, try blurring the lines by finishing the trim off with the same color.

5. Mix Up Your Furniture

In order to put some spark back into your furniture and instantly revitalize your home. There is no need for buy- ing brand new pieces when you can revamp your old décor, it’s time to get creative and bring your own personal style into your home! LIME says sand, prime, and paint your way to a new statement piece for any room.

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