5 Rules for Decluttering Your Home

Organized pantry
Photo courtesy of Jason Leung/Unsplash.

Make room for more holiday cheer. That special time when sugar plum fairies dance in our heads, while neglected piles of “stuff” haunt our living spaces and the avalanche of odds and ends harshes the festive vibes. No worries—here are five tips to bring a Zen-like calm to your household.

1Embrace the one-in-out philosophy.

Just snagged a vintage ceramic bowl from Cherry Creek’s Show of Hands? Time to part ways with the lackluster dish you’ve been hiding since the 1900s. You can donate old kitchenware to We Don’t Waste, a local nonprofit that fights food insecurity.

2Use what you’ve got.

If you’ve got cans of leftover paint taking up space that could be used for holiday gifts, PaintCare suggests repurposing the contents to make DIY holiday gifts, like a jewelry box or inspirational sign. Can you give new life to a nightstand that looks dull? There is no better time for a small art project to help clear out your storage space.

3Tackle one room at a time with Major Mom.

Sometimes you just need a lifeline. Denver’s own Major Mom offers room-by-room decluttering services, because not everyone has the knack—or time—to sort through a decade’s worth of dubious decisions.

4Tap your network for archival services.

Perhaps you’re sitting on a collection of rare books, old maps, or limited edition art prints. Rather than letting them collect dust, consult with Artwork Network on Santa Fe Drive. They offer top-of-the-line archival services to ensure your valuables are both stored and displayed in a manner befitting their worth.

5Auction it off.

If you’re looking to downsize your furniture without sacrificing quality, consider auctioning pieces. It’s a win-win; you clear space and your furniture finds a new home worthy of its elegance.