3 Great Ways to Bespoke the Slope

With these easy upgrades, you’ll enjoy a ski trip fit for royalty—without the royal headache.

1Ski Butlers

Ski Butlers
Photo courtesy of Ski Butlers.

Don’t want to deal with hauling your gear to the mountain—or don’t have any gear at all? No problem. Reserve top-notch Rossignol equipment or upgrade to custom skis by Parlor and Wagner and/or snowboards designed by Shawn White, and this handy service will meet you in your room by your mountain of choice and get you fitted and ’fitted for the slopes. Immediate onmountain exchanges come standard, too, at all the major spots in Colorado as well as farther-flung adventures to Sun Valley, Mammoth, Whistler, Big Sky, Jackson Hole, and many more.


Photo courtesy of Surefoot.

Is there anything worse than shoes that don’t fit? Ski boots that don’t fit. This brand makes those shin-pinching, toe-numbing problems a thing of the past by getting you into boots and liners customized to the most microscopic degree. How? A multistep process that starts with 538-point scan of your foot and ends with a foaming process that’s been described as somewhere between a good foot massage and torture— but hey, no pain, no gain. And these boots are pure gain. Stop by any of the 10 Colorado locations to feel the difference.

3Rockwet Closet

Rockwet Closet
Photo courtesy of Rockwet Closet.

Why lug your skis and gear all the way back down the Front Range just to lug it back up again next time around? With this valet pickup, storage, and delivery service, you don’t even need to get it up there the first time—they’ll come grab it from you if you live within 50 miles of any of their 13 base locations in Colorado and Utah or they’ll send FedEx in their stead. With nationwide shipping and on-demand local delivery, safe and secure storage, equipment tune ups, and more, your next trip to the mountain can be clutter-free.