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Mexican Elote | The Dish | Denver Life Magazine

Chef Troy Guard’s Favorite Corn Recipes

Chef Troy Guard celebrates corn season this month with three of his favorite corny dishes. You can find the Mexican Elote at Los Chingones and the rest are the chef’s special recipes.

Lend Us Your Ears

Want to know what makes Olathe Sweet Corn so special? Ask a farmer who grows it.
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Pairing corn with wine? A few suggestions

Potager owner-chef Paul Warthen accepted our challenge to create a four-course menu featuring Olathe sweet corn, so, naturally, wife Eileen, a certified sommelier, stepped up with wine pairings. It wasn't easy, but here are Eileen Warthen's wine-with-corn picks, with comments.

Buttered, Salted & Beloved: Our Ode to Corn

Corn: It's not summer in Colorado until Olathe Sweet Corn comes to market