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Acupuncture treatment

Wellnest Offers Unique Cosmetic Acupuncture

Discover Denver’s natural beauty secret at Wellnest, where cosmetic acupuncture revives and rejuvenates sun-kissed, Mile High skin.
Woman receiving a facial treatment

Feast Upon These Edible Beauty Treatments

Denver’s top spas are incorporating almost-edible, natural ingredients into treatments to help you nourish your skin.
Emsculpting treatment

Trying the Latest Beauty Trend, Emsculpt

Can the latest beauty buzz really take you from zero to six pack in just four sessions? We tried Emsculpt ourselves at Four Season Denver to find the truth behind the TikToks.
Woman gets a facial treatment at Rooted in Wellness.

Skin Care from the Inside Out

How holistic healing and good nutrition make a difference to your skin.
Lady sun-tanning in a pool

Sun-kissed Glow From Bronzed Denver

Bronzed Denver brightens your day by giving your skin a boost.
Bottles of Intelligent Elixirs beauty products

Intelligent Elixirs

Give your beauty routine an overhaul with safe and cruelty-free Intelligent Elixirs by your side.
Novuskin Med Spa client receiving facial treatment

Advice on Winterizing Your Skin

Novuskin Med Spa offers their best tips for keeping skin healthy, happy, and hydrated this winter.
Model wearing Lip Velvet in shade Sugar Bear

The Nude, Matte Lipstick Trend

Your lips do a lot more than just hold color. Local makeup expert Lillian Marsh gives us the lowdown on your lip life.
Botanica Wellness Sanctuary hot stone treatment

3 Places to Get a Spa Treatment

Sometimes when we need to feel pampered and cared for—a single treatment or a day at the spa can do wonders for your mind, body, and spirit.
Smooth legs

Smooth Sailing

With "new year, new you" top of mind, many look for ways to improve things head to toe.
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