Barbosa’s Barbeque: Food Truck for Friends and Family

Pitmaster Alejandro Barbosa simply wants to bring people together over some really good barbecue.

Make note of Pitmaster Alejandro “Alex” Barbosa and the newest addition to Denver’s barbecue scene: Barbosa’s Barbeque. Barbosa, hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, brings authentic, uniquely influenced barbecue to the Mile High City, and in a convenient mobile truck, no less.

Born and raised in south Texas, Barbosa became familiar with Tejano and barbecue culture early on, eventually moving to south Louisiana and immersing himself in “Cajun culture … especially the cuisine.” Tejano, Cajun, and Vietnamese cuisines are some of the main influences found in Barbosa’s offerings, making his menu stand apart from more typical, American-style fare. “Vietnamese is my favorite cuisine because of all of the fresh herbs and flavors that come with it.”

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When asked why a mobile barbecue truck instead of a brick-and-mortar spot, Barbosa keeps it simple. “I like the ability to shut things down and step away. I also wanted to grow my Colorado customer base organically.” But, he says, “Brick and mortar is not out of the question.” Even more simple? Barbosa’s goal for Barbosa’s Barbeque: building community. “Bringing people of all backgrounds to shared tables is the beauty of what I do. We see that our barbecue attracts people from every walk of life in a way that many establishments don’t. Our city needs these kinds of positive interactions between people.”