Jamie Nusser

J Designs is a west coast-based, full service residential and commercial interior design studio. Its philosophy is to create interiors that are intentional, effortless, and designed for living. J Designs uses materials with raw, natural textures to create unique, conscious spaces that incorporate custom designs alongside vintage pieces and sustainable elements. With this philosophy in mind, its designs have an appreciation for simple color and patterns, creating spaces that feel interesting, effortless, and collected. J Designs mixes the old with the new to create something timeless with a story.

Jamie Nusser, founder and owner of J Designs, has always had a passion for design and sustainability. Before opening her doors at J Designs, Nusser attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where she received a Bachelor’s degree in architecture. It was her time in Boulder that piqued her interest in sustainability, which continues to be a big part of her life and work today. After Boulder, she spent the next decade in architecture and construction before making the switch over to interior design.

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