Amy Nelson (Lead Showhouse Designer) & Sammi Conrey

Galiant Homes focuses on creating custom lifestyles for their esteemed clients. Delivering breathtaking, one of a kind custom homes. Galiant Homes artfully blends current design trends, timeless detail and artisan craftsmanship with the highest quality materials.

Designing and building a luxury home starts with a solid foundation, not a concrete foundation, but a relationship with you. Understanding your needs, wants and the way your family lives is critical in designing the home of your dreams..

Since 2012 Galiant Homes has enjoyed opening their homes up for everyone to see and experience the designs that an exceptional team can produce. Galiant Homes’ secret to success has been the extra investment in the design phase of a client’s home, which result in a grand custom experience, efficient process and a unique, high-quality product that is second to none. If you want a partner with an award-winning builder with fresh ideas, design innovation, the latest technology, and have the most unique custom home on the block, then Galiant Homes is a perfect fit for you.

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